January is all about renewal - new year, new you. Whether or not you're making a resolution, the intentions you set at the start of a new year have the power to impact the way you handle yourself over the next 12 months.

January is plant month at Thistle because plants are the perfect representation of our January energy: ready for some fresh growth. A respite from the excess of the holiday season, plants remind us to nourish our roots while moving forward with purpose.

January's HANDPICKED features our favorite plant-themed items to keep you focused on growth all month long.


Living in the desert of the American Southwest, we're never off the hook from thinking about sun protection. Sonoran Rosie is a small, woman-owned Tucson business focusing on making beauty products in a sustainable way. All of her products are made in small batches with local & organic botanicals, recycled paper labels, and minimal plastic.

We love Sonoran Rosie's Desert Sun creosote sunscreen. Desert Sun smells like Tucson after a monsoon, making it the perfect gift for a Tucson local or a visitor looking to revisit that magical time in our desert. Desert Sun isn't oily at all - we love it for our delicate facial skin. And since it's made with all-natural materials, including our abundant Sonoran creosote, it's the perfect addition to Plant Month.

Visit Sonoran Rosie on Instagram or Etsy. If you're a Tucson local, message on Instagram to order for pickup.


There's something about miniatures that is so endearing and cute, you don't need a reason to covet them. These super-tiny ceramic cacti were hand-formed and glazed by ceramicist Jane Pursley of Helena, Montana, in her private studio.

The smallest size of Jane's cacti stands an inch high, and the largest fits in your palm like a little orange. No two pieces are identical, making these adorable little guys the perfect collection piece. And when you feel the weight of the cold, smooth ceramic against your hand, you don't need any other reason to take a cacti home.

Jane Pursley's ceramics are available exclusively through Thistle.


If there are kiddos in your life, you know that there are seemingly gift occasions every month. Not that there's anything wrong with a little Target shopping in your life, but we believe that gifting well-made, unique items to little ones is much more memorable for the whole family. This is where Henny Lou comes in. They make unique unisex & non-gendered clothes for little ones, so you can find the sweetest outfits for all of the baby showers and birthday parties that spring seems to bring around. All of Henny Lou's apparel is handmade and screen printed locally by Cream Design and Print (our favorite as well!).

We're particularly fond of the Lil' Desert Dweller Onesie. The slogan imparts a sense of place that your kiddo might not quite grasp yet, but definitely will learn to value as they grow up in the Old Pueblo. Bonus points if you teach them the names of the plants pictured! Plus, the red edging is reminiscent of a 1970s ringer tee - pair with a tiny hat or maybe some shades, and you'll have the coolest babe on the block.

Henny Lou is available for purchase on their website, and check out their Instagram to find them at an upcoming market.


For those who prefer their plants in beverage form, there's adaptogens - plants or herbs that can be consumed to help balance your body's stress response. These herbal blends can aid relaxation, promote active brain function, and support the body's immune system. Wild Sun Wellness is a Phoenix-based maker of adaptogenic herbal blends that taste amazing and offer real healing benefits. All of Wild Sun's products are made with all natural herbal ingredients with the goal of helping to balance stress and promote internal bodily harmony.

The Loco Hot Cocoa from Wild Sun is our pick for gifting as well as self-gifting: it tastes amazing and really starts the day off on the right foot. Wild Sun uses only raw cacao so you can enjoy the taste of warm hot chocolate without the guilt and blood sugar spike. Raw cacao is also one of the highest antioxidant rich foods on the planet. Other adaptogenic ingredients in this organic herbal powder are maca root, chaga mushroom, and red reishi mushroom. Maca has a plethora of vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, and complex carbs that act as food for the probiotics in your gut. Reishi supports liver detoxification, regulates immunity, and is a wonderful non-stimulating adaptogen. Chaga is the king of mushrooms for its high antioxidant content, gut- and immune-regulating effects, and delicious taste. Together, these powerful plants make for a gentle start while helping your endocrine system, digestive health, and immunity. Leagues beyond the standard hot chocolate!

As with many herbal supplements, this product has not been evaluated by the FDA, and it's not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

Wild Sun Wellness products are available on their website. Check out their Instagram to find them at markets, too.


Sometimes you just have to get back to basics. For Plant Month, the items we're most excited to feature are actually plants! Particularly these air-filtering babes in jute rope planters, from Thistle. These plants were selected to be the most cleansing additions to the home, so you can rest easy knowing that they're working on cleaning up your air quality for you. Just a little bit of water and a sunny window is all they need - let nature do the rest. Thistle has hand-chosen the softest jute rope baskets to bring a natural vibe to any interior, or to stand out among the other plant babies in your life.

These air-filtering plants are available in five basket sizes. The selection changes, but currently available are the staghorn fern, blue star fern, spider plant, and red philodendron. We particularly love a few of these grouped together.

Visit Thistle to shop, and Instagram to follow along.


When you really think about it, a calendar is the ideal gift. We all have a use for them, but it also gives the gifter an opportunity to add humor or beauty to their loved one's daily life. Emily Orzel is a Tucson-based illustrator and graphic designer who makes whimsical, celebratory art for the everyday - checking both the humor and the beauty box. Her website showcases a selection of stickers, cards, and prints, including quite a few plant-themed designs! Affordable, quality art with personality is always something to be excited about.

We're big fans of Emily Orzel's bright color palette and playful design style. It's the type of optimistic vibrance that every morning could benefit from. Plus, I love a calendar that helps me zoom out and look at the big picture - ideal for planning vacations (the most fun type of planning!). This 2019 calendar is perfect for January gifting, and it has a prickly pear cactus with just a touch of color. It measures 11 x 17 inches, and it's printed in Tucson. Hang it in the kitchen for a graphic homage to the changing seasons, and thank us later.

Emily Orzel can be found on her website and Instagram. She's also a frequent participant in the pop-up market scene, so follow along!


Welcome to CARL'S CORNER: Carly's personal pick for every month. While both of us #thistlegirls are supporters and lovers of all of the featured items, CARL'S CORNER is the spot where Carly features the item she's been coveting all month long.

Okay y'all, I have to admit something: I'm obsessed with jewelry shopping. And the one maker I've been absolutely lusting after this month is Desert Dust - a one-woman jewelry maker based in Phoenix. Desert Dust is inspired by the colors and feelings of Arizona and the southwest, and her pieces are gorgeous.

We're loving this silver prickly pear necklace right now. It seems like the saguaro motif is everywhere - which we're not opposed to - but this beautiful necklace is in the shape of the cactus paddles that desert dwellers recognize instantaneously, while still being a little bit different. Layer it or wear it alone for impact. And while you're at it, maybe scoop up a ring for me.

Desert Dust Jewelry is available on her website and Instagram.

FEBRUARY is ROMANCE MONTH - see you soon!

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